Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Smart Navigation
  • Non-stop Power
  • Triple Cleaning
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Recommended for quick pickups and for in between use of your full-size Miele upright or canister

Product Information
Scout RX1
3.46 in.
Obsidian Black
Item Number
22 W
Dustbin capacity
22 oz.
Control Type
Convenient Remote Control
Touch Controls
Accessories Included
Charging Station
Remote Control
Side brushes
AirClean filter
Magnetic Strips
Lithium-ion battery
Additional Features
Turbo Brush roller
Smart Navigation

Unlike other robot vacuums using a chaotic navigation system, the RX1 Scout uses Smart Navigation, comprised of a gryo sensor and ceiling camera. These components map a room's layout for consistent path cleaning.

Triple Cleaning System

The excellent cleaning performance of the RX1 Scout can be ascribed to 3 components: Two rotating side brushes transport dirt and debris into the area below the unit. The removable tutrbo brush with its special arrangement of bristles ensures that coarser dirt is reliably picked up. In a third stage, the high-efficiency suction system ensures that finer particles are thoroughly removed.

Non-Stop Power

With the high-performance rechargeable battery on the Scout, running times of up to 120 mins. can be achieved with a single battery charge. This corresponds to an area of approx. 1,600 sq. ft. Compared with other robot vacuums using systematic navigation, the Scout sets a new industry benchmark.

Furniture Protection System

The Scout has 7 anti-collision sensors in the front end. These scan the area within an angle of 180° in front of the unit and serve to avoid collisions with furniture and other obstacles. Below the unit, there are three other sensors. These Stair Detection Sensors prevent the unit from falling off the edge of steps on staircases.

Auto Mode

In Auto Mode, the Scout cleans autonomously. It departs from its charging station and cleans all areas before returning to the station.

Spot Mode

The Spot Mode is ideal for cleaning defined areas, for example crumbs which have fallen from a breakfast table. In Spot Mode, the Scout RX1 cleans a defined area covering 6 sq. ft.

Corner Mode

Dirt and dust is prone to collect above all in corners and along edges. In Corner Mode, the Scout first cleans all rooms in Auto Mode. Once complete, the unit returns to all rooms to specifically clean the perimeters. This ensures that all areas are covered and all dirt is removed.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode is ideal for fast cleaning inbetween times. In Turbo Mode, the Scout travels along parallel lines with increased spacing between the passes. This results in a time saving of approx. 50% compared with Auto Mode.

Manual Navigation

The Miele RX1 Scout can also be operated using the standard remote controls. This allows the unit to be guided to particular areas that require cleaning.


The timer of the Scout RX1 allows cleaning times to be programmed in advance, allowing the robovac to be operated when no-one is at home.

1-Year Warranty on Lithium-ion battery
2-Year Warranty on all other components