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  History / Mission Statement:   The Nestlé Nespresso SA Company is one of the fastest growing operating units of the Nestlé Group, the world's leading food, beverage, nutrition and wellness company. While benefiting from Nestlé's expertise, Nestlé Nespresso is a strategic business unit in its own right, with overall responsibility for its research and development, the supply of its raw materials as well as the production and the marketing of its premium coffee products.

Nestlé Nespresso S.A. pioneered the portioned coffee market to provide the very highest quality coffees that could be enjoyed in the comfort of consumers' own homes and also savoured at out-of-home locations, such as restaurants, hotels, offices and luxury retail businesses.

Likewise, the Company operates in two market segments: the Nespresso Home Division and the Nespresso Business Coffee Solutions for the out-of-home sector.

Nestlé Nespresso plans to pass one billion CHF in revenue by the end of 2006 – one year ahead of what Nestlé Nespresso CEO Gerhard Berssenbrügge predicted at the same time last year. Longer term, Nestlé Nespresso is well on course to hitting the two billion CHF revenue mark by 2010.

The market leader in premium portioned coffee, Nestlé Nespresso reported a growth of 36 percent for 2005, which is above its sustained annual compound growth rate of more than 30 percent during the last five years. And, with a market share of 16.6 percent in 2005, Nestlé Nespresso is the European market leader in espresso machines.

Throughout the Company's growth, Nestlé Nespresso has been unwavering in its focus to provide highest quality in everything that it does – from seeking out the perfect coffee cherries from exotic countries of origin to designing machines that not only are aesthetically pleasing but also are easy to use to providing friendly and professional service to our Club Members worldwide.

Nestlé Nespresso, headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland is made up of more than 1,400 employees from around the world, each passionate about their role in helping to collectively deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

Nestlé Nespresso currently operates in more than 40 countries around the world.
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