Mieleís stands behind the claim that not all cooking methods are created equal. In fact, independent testing has proven that food prepared in a Miele steam oven will retain more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than when prepare via conventional boiling.
Look Inside
Mieleís steam oven not only helps your food stay true to itís intended taste, color and consistency,but it also keeps as many nutrients in as possible.With no added fats necessary - such as butter or oils - youíll feel good about the meals you create to keep your family eating and feeling better.
Cook it Fresh
Mieleís refrigeration systems preserve the freshness of your food, ensuring the results from your Miele steam oven are what you would expect them to be the best tasting meal with optimal nutritional value.
Recipe Corner
Experience Nutritious Dishes from Miele:

Chicken with Herbes de Provence
Chickpea and Spinach Stew
Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms
Salmon and Vegetable Couscous
Steamed Salmon with Shallot-Tomato Salsa